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Which types of silicone implants are associated with illnesses?

All silicone implants can cause illnesses.This includes
cerebrospinal fluid shunt tubing, slow release hormone implants, cardiac valves, intraocular lens implants, testicular prostheses, penile implants, digital joint arthroplasty prostheses, breast implants, pectoral implants, buttock implants, calf implants, malar implants,jaw implants, and chin implants. Saline implants also can cause systemic symptoms because they have a silicone elastomer shell.

What are the symptoms of a silicone-related disease?

According to Andrew W. Campbell, M.D. , Medical Director of the Center for Immune, Environmental, and Toxic Disorders,these are the most common symptoms experienced by patients with silicone prosthetic devices:

breast pain or tenderness

fatigue, usually made worse by exercise

cognitive function problems, such as attention deficit disorder,

calculation difficulties, memory disturbance, spatial disorientation,

frequently saying the wrong word

psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, personality changes, mood swings

sleep disturbance and non-restorative sleep

headaches of a greater intensity than before implantation

changes in vision


loss of balance

numbness and tingling



joint and muscle aches and pains

shortness of breath

lymph node enlargement

weight gain

low grade fevers

abnormal heart rhythm

hair loss

dry eyes and mouth

frequent canker sores in the mouth

low back pain

skin changes and/or rashes

severe muscular weakness

intolerance of bright lights

intolerance of alcohol

decreased libido

ringing in ears

muscle tremors

recurrent flu-like illnesses

severe allergies

irritable bowel syndrome

night sweats

uncomfortable urination

chest pain


Raynaud's phenomenon

enlarged thyroid.


Defective Medical Devices: Dow Corning Breast Implants

Millions of women across the United States and around the world have received breast implants. Many have consequently suffered several medical complaints. These women may have considered filing lawsuits over these injuries. But after more than 10 years of litigation and a huge public debate, they are understandably confused. Many may have heard that science has established no link between implants and the symptoms. They have heard the claims of other women discounted and dismissed.

But the safety of silicone or saline-filled breast implants is not a closed book. The issue has become confused in the public mind because the issue was early on taken over by political forces more interested in an ideological debate than the safety of women. The fact is, breast implants were sold by manufacturers whose own engineers doubted their safety. They continued to be sold as complaints mounted. As for the safety studies, the ones that have been done have had numerous flaws and none of these studies have ever focused on the actual diseases women have complained of - diseases that take many years to develop.

The long-term effects of having silicone implants in the body are not known. It is possible that further studies will answer the mystery sometime in the future. In the meantime, women who are considering any kind of implant - even for reconstructive purposes - should know the facts. Although the vast majority of lawsuits over breast implants have been settled, some legal claims remain.

If you have Dow Corning Breast Implants, you may be eligible for money from a class action settlement. Call a Lawyer.... if you live in Texas, I will be happy to give you the name of mine.


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