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                                   Silicone Medical Tests


There are currently two medical tests for silicone in the body.

1.)  Silicone Antibodies  -  UNILAB Test #8099 Cpt 86318

Regular 4ml Serum at room temperature = Analytic time 7-10 days

2.)   Silicon Levels  -  UNILAB Test# 9025 CPT84285

Minimum 2ml to 4ml Serum Analytic time 7-10 days

These tests are available through your personal physician. You may have to call your local medical laboratory and ask for the code numbers and take them with you to your physician.The tests are relatively new. They were developed by a rheumatologist at the University of California at Los Angeles.

Jussta visited UNILAB in California to get the codes for these tests. They have a catalog listing all tests by name alphabetically.

You should check with your own medical doctor to discuss having these medical laboratory tests ordered. I recommend you request a copy for your medical files.


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